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BACKGROUND: Originally from Tucson, Arizona, I moved to San Francisco in 1996, where I stumbled into the realm of web design from my comfy spot in the land of print based design. I also met the little swiss siren who would become my wife, referred to here as "d*", in the midst of the frantic San Francisco urban shenanigans that I immersed myself in, surrounded by insane drunken UK expats and various other foriegn troublemakers. Detailing my exploits in SF in my 6 years there would be a massive undertaking in itself; suffice to say that I eventually learned the meaning of personal responsibility. The dot.com explosion and implosion changed the cityscape drastically, and I found that my enjoyment of the city was massively lessened, to the point of planned impending escape, probably to the land of chocolate and watches with d*. The process was altered by the uprooting of the online music site I was with, with an offer to relocate to San Diego from my current employer former employer. The jobmarket being what it was, and the level of my various debts being where they were, I moved in April of 2002, with d* staying to finish a semester at SFSU, finally arriving in southern california in December of 2002.

Back in San Francisco as of January 2005.

SUMMARY: I am socially awkward and quiet till I get to know you, after which I can be obnoxiously boisterous and decibly-abusive. I dig film. I love music. I derive great pleasure from the preparation and consumption of food. My favorite drink is alot. Travel beckons. I seem to know a little about a lot of things, but apparently not alot about most. I tend to geek out with little provocation. Um... I once was arrested along with Martin Sheen, and somehow have appeared in a film with Adam Ant and Bruce Dern. I could stand to exercise more, I despise Reality Television (never even seen survivor), and Bob's yer uncle.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or are convinced you have been abducted by aliens. jeremy at nothingistrue dot net. Unless you are from Nigeria and want to share your $$ with me.

(The title of this site is taken from William Gibson's attribution to Hassan-i Sabbah: "nothing is true, everything is permitted")

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